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Political Correctness Be Damned

I generally try to keep out of national or world politics simply because there are so many others more versed and better informed on the specific issues than myself.

Manners and Personal Integrity

With that being said, I am absolutely disturbed by the complete lack of common decency in the politics of the United States. I personally don’t care who you voted for, what your skin color is or whether your family follows the traditional structure or roles. I couldn’t care less who you choose to share your bed with or even what you choose to do in that bed. What I do care about is that whoever you are, you at least have manners, personal integrity, common courtesy and decorum in your discourse with others.

Leaders Behavior Reflects Upon Their Consituents

Stephen L. Carter in his book Civility – Manners, Morals, and the Etiquette of Democracy writes; “A 1997 study by the Annenberg School of Communications concluded that the level of civility on the floor of Congress has reached its lowest point since 1935.” Perhaps our nation’s leaders failing to behave as decent human beings has been reflected in their constituent’s behavior. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1963 said; “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character”. When a society begins acting like a bunch of buffoons, it ceases to be civilized. Is it any wonder our streets have become war zones, our schools battlegrounds, and our leadership corrupt?

A Lack of Rational, Informed, and Decent Behavior

Critical thinking and civil debate have been removed from our institutions of higher education and replaced with censorship of ideas or differing views. The media has suffered the same fate. Instead of simply reporting the facts and allowing viewers to arrive at their own conclusions, they feel it necessary to spoon feed us their warped view of the world, often without verifying the facts or sources. In a world so desperately in need of rational, informed, and decent behavior; we are left with news commentators and experts who constantly speak over the top of others in an effort to interfere, silence, or bully their opponents into submission. As a society, our behavior is atrocious, disgusting, and childish. We seek entertainment value over true knowledge and discourse.

We need to return to decent behaviors with our interaction with others. If I hold a door open for you, it’s a sign of decency, not superiority. Some ‘ladies’ have all but destroyed chivalry by their self-righteous attitudes. Never once have I considered a woman lesser than me. When I open your door, it’s a sign of respect. I open doors for men, too. We need to listen to what others say to actually understand their position. John Fitzgerald Kennedy once opined, “Our task is not to fix the blame for the past, but to fix the course for the future.” Civility begins with us, it is time to conduct ourselves accordingly and lead by example. End of Rant!

#LetsMakeItMatter! #MannersMatter

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  1. Robin Maclay Robin Maclay

    Hi Jerry,
    I know of you because I am a friend of Amy Perry’s. I read this post. I agree strongly with some of your points regarding manners, civility and courtesy.
    That being said, whenever feminism is reduced to who opens the door for who
    (whom?) –red flags go up for me.
    I am a sixty year old woman. I have two daughters in their twenties and a step daughter in her thirties. A few realities:
    I have taken care of children, the elderly, and people with disabilities since I was
    “barely grown” myself. Our country doesn’t love people who are dependent, from what I’ve seen. Infants and old people tend not to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Women are far more likely to be caregivers and Caregiving=
    Financially Vulnerable in America. This needs to change.
    I’ll spare you an anthropology lecture, but in many times and cultures, women’s sexuality is seen as something to be venerated. In others, women’s sexuality is feared and controlled–like ours. This needs to change.
    If you don’t see me as inferior–good for you, I guess I certainly don’t see you as inferior, if that is any comfort. But, if I have to choose between
    you opening doors for ladies, and economic and social equality for myself and my daughters, well, I pick equality. I pick dignity, respect and power. Wouldn’t you?

    • Robin Maclay Robin Maclay

      “good for you, I guess. ” I meant to say. I’m correcting my punctuation!

      • Hi Robin,

        Thank you for your comments. I absolutely agree women should possess equality with men. I never intended to imply chivalry was tantamount to equality. My point was too many people consistently apply motives to actions which in there simplest form is nothing more than an act of kindness towards another human being regardless of gender.

        Best Regards,

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