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To date, this has been voted the Most Helpful Review of Uncontrolled Spin on What do you think?

Check StarsFull Disclosure: I started reading this book because Jerry Summers is one of my closest friends. I finished reading the book because I couldn’t put it down. What started as a favor turned into a very enjoyable read. This isn’t just a good first book, it is a GOOD BOOK.

I found myself picking up the book every spare minute I had until I had finished it. I knew my friend liked to write, but I was completely unaware he had the talent to tell a story like this. I rated the book pace as steady because Jerry spends a lot of time developing the characters, but he does an excellent job doing so. Some of the characters are complex but leave room for further development in future books without having to go into much background. The characters are believable, realistic, and interesting enough to hold my attention (which is not easy to do). The various plots within the book weave in and out and intertwine keeping you guessing and wondering what will happen next. I’m not necessarily a fan of the “love” scenes, but that is a stylistic preference on my part. Those scenes aren’t my favorite, but I loved the book overall because it is rare for a book to keep my attention to the very last page and excite me for a sequel.

I am excited about the next book and the twists that can only come from the mind of Jerry Summers. I am looking forward to Jerry’s diverse background of law enforcement, marketing, banking, real estate, and religion to continue to weaving entertaining stories that are believable and contain page-turning intrigue. Uncontrolled Spin is an great entertaining read and definitely worth the cover charge.

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