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Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Irony

A Day of Appreciation That Began With Tragedy

This Year’s Law Enforcement Appreciation day has begun on an incredibly tragic note for Florida officers and the Law Enforcement profession.  Master Sergeant Debra Clayton of Orlando Police Department was shot to death after contacting a known murder suspect, while an Orange County Sheriff Deputy died from injuries sustained in a traffic crash responding to assist Master Sergeant Clayton. Yet, even in their grief, every Orlando officer, and Orange County Sherriff’s Deputy is still committed to your safety. I believe the time has come for we the citizen’s to be as committed to their safety as they are to ours.

It seems recently most citizens have tolerated or accepted the media’s warped portrayal of the law enforcement community.  Too often people reach conclusions prematurely based solely upon the limited and often misleading information.  The profession has issues that need to be addressed and corrected, but today must serve as a stark reminder of the price that often comes with wearing a uniform.   The Apostle John wrote; “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command.” (John 15:13 & 14) I find it ironic such a demonstration of love was displayed by Master Sergeant Clayton on the only day set aside for citizens to appreciate all the men and women of law enforcement for their service and personal sacrifice.

Condolences and Prayers For the Families

My heart breaks for the immediate family of these two officers. To the parents, spouses, and children; please know there are many of us praying for you right now.  I also know from personal experience the weight each member of their departments is carrying.  My condolences and prayers include each one of you.  May God’s protection, love, and mercy sustain you, as you continue to do your sworn duty despite your deep personal grief and loss.

May we as a nation set aside our anger, gripes, and complaints about law enforcement long enough to display the same level of love they displayed today. Let us all allow these professionals to grieve, and let us do so with respect and kindness in the loss of these two public servants.

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