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Wendy’s Creativity is Still Surprising

For any Dexter lovers, continue reading and learning about Wendy – the female version with a heart. Unrestrained Behavior Now Available!

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Wendy closes her office door, settles back into her chair, and ponders her intense, negative feelings toward Zach. Knowing she must keep her feelings out of her voice, she reaches for her trac phone. Quietly contemplating, she dials the direct number for Zach and exhales slowly when he answers. (Her tactics are significantly different than Dexter’s…)

“You don’t know me, Zach,” she purrs, “but we have some common interests, and I believe I would very much enjoy sharing some of my secret abilities and unique skills with you…” She hears his quick intake of breath and smiles, knowing this will be a meeting she truly enjoys. “I want to see you.”

“Who are you?” he asks.

“My name is Monique,” she replies.

He clears his throat. “When and where?” he asks huskily, and Wendy smirks.

“Where is your favorite place for…” she pauses and chuckles, “meetings like this?”

The appointment is set, and Wendy returns to her penthouse for the night to perfect her disguise.

As she toys with the black stilettos that she plans to entice Zach Rawlins with, she contemplates the change in direction her life has taken since the death of her brother, Mark. Remembering Mark’s best friend, Sean’s, description of finding Mark’s body at the McCall vacation home, she shakes her head. Interesting, how Sean vomited when he realized Mark had been shot. It dawns on Wendy that she has seen far more death than Sean will ever see, or could ever imagine. Still, Wendy likes Sean and has become attached to him.

The attachment she has to Mark’s widow, Bonnie, has also grown because of Mark’s murder, and Wendy plans to continue to be of assistance to Bonnie in ways Bonnie will never know. Working behind the scenes is exactly how Wendy prefers it, and she chuckles as she realizes that is also the way she became such a close friend to Sean and Jessica. She smiles smugly, knowing their fledgling relationship started mainly because of her.

Wendy is thrilled by her creativity in helping her domestic violence clients gain freedom from their abusers.

Wendy is proud, in a perverse way, of what her life has turned into. She fantasizes about all the options available to her to continue to make abusers’ deaths look like accidents or suicides. Her relationship with Mark was what led her to counseling victims of domestic violence to begin with, and she recognizes what an odd twist it is that his death is what made it possible for her to become (as one of her clients so aptly put it) a powerful angel of mercy.
Coming back to the present, Wendy stares at the provocative red-soled shoes. She’s even more aware than usual of how twisted people can be and how simple it is to ‘Spin’ her ‘Unmerited’ favors to keep the FBI from investigating any more deeply.

She inhales sharply as the familiar rush of adrenaline (definitely Dexter) from the mercy she is about to bestow on behalf of Zach’s wife, Jill, becomes almost overwhelming. Wendy can’t imagine not helping others when it is within her power to do so, so very easily. The fact that she enjoys it is simply an unexpected benefit.


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