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  1. Barbara Summers Barbara Summers

    I think what needs to be added to this discussion is tolerance. Just because you hold a different view does not mean that you can’t get along. Sometimes agreeing to disagree is the best option. You can be tolerant of a person but not their views. This is especially important now with all the political disagreement in America right now. For me as a liberal (snowflake, libtard) person I feel isolated from my Christian friends because I am not conservative. My liberal beliefs conflict with the conservative right but that does not mean I don’t still love the Lord, but I feel like I am not TOLERATED because of those beliefs. Jesus said not to judge but I feel not only judged but not isolated because I don’t follow party or church lines. I want to know what happened to I’m and you are ok too.

  2. Jerry Summers Jerry Summers

    First of all, I think the labels you have placed upon yourself presumably because of the political views of others need to be removed from your identity. Disagreement is fine, as long as it’s done in love and because of intellectually reasoned differences in one’s point of view. Disagreement should NEVER be used to devalue the individual simply because one may not agree with a particular point of view, tolerance is the example of the Dalai Lama, Stanton’s point was one of personal responsibility, and Jesus’ words requires introspection. For me tolerance is required by the definitions supplied within this post.
    Curious – being eager to know or learn something. Judgmental – having or displaying an excessively critical point of view. From my perspective, I’m curious if I’m willing to learn something from your point of view whether I agree with it or not. I’m judgmental if I display an excessively critical demeanor, because then I’m not listening to learn, I’m looking for an opportunity to prove you wrong. You see, we don’t need to accept other points of view but we must be kind, compassionate, empathetic and yes intellectual in our positions.
    Finally, NO ONE has the right to diminish your value as a human being, faith in your spiritual beliefs or identity because of your views and I’m deeply saddened to hear you have experienced judgment on the part of friends, because Love does no harm to its neighbor.

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