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Corporate Accountability

Corporate Accountability – Let’s Make it Matter

After spending the last two weeks focused on individuals and organizations who ignore the policies, procedures and their (Amazon!) stated positions on integrity, I am pleased to point out two organizations who understand and actually stand behind their beliefs and policies regarding integrity and organizational accountability! Yeah!

AEP Ohio

AEP Ohio is an energy company that claims: In 1934 one of our company leaders wrote, “We are a citizen of each community we serve and take an active part in its affairs. Like any other citizen, we want our neighbors to think well of us.” Those words hold true today.

Recently one of their employees engaged in an off-duty hunting activity so disturbing it lead to the company being notified over social media about it. AEP Ohio responded to the Facebook post with the following response on November 29, 2016, at 1:22 pm:

“… – AEP Ohio is reviewing this situation. We are sincerely saddened by the loss of these dogs. Many of our employees are pet owners and. along with the company, are very active in support of various animal shelters.”

At 2:24pm the same day AEP Ohio posted:

“We are saddened by what happened. AEP expects the highest level of conduct from our employees, both on the job and outside of work. We are saddened by the situation that unfolded this week involving an off-duty Ohio employee and the death of two dogs. This individual is no longer employed by AEP.”

Holding Employees Accountable

It is nice to see this company hold their employees to standards of good citizenship and basic decency. AEP MADE IT MATTER! Thank you, AEP.

Patagonia, a large California-based retailer, announced its intention to donate all its Black Friday profits, and on Giving Tuesday they did just that:

“Black Friday initiative will go to grassroots environmental groups that are “working on the front lines to protect our air, water, and soil for future generations. Many of the eventual recipients are small, underfunded, and under the radar; a (yet-to-be-determined) number of groups will receive small grants to extend and amplify their respective missions.”

Keep in mind, Patagonia had a record-breaking black Friday ($10 MILLION), and is DONATING ALL OF IT!

Patagonia is Making It Matter!

It is truly a pleasure to highlight organizations who make it matter for the good. These two companies truly understand integrity, accountability, and corporate social responsibility, and they know it equates to good business and good citizenship. Please help me honor these two organizations by sharing this article.

Together, we can make a difference. #LetsMakeItMatter

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