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Lady of Justice? ~ Wendy Wednesdays Begins!

In considering any type of murder investigation, police generally look at three primary motivating factors; revenge, financial reward, and sexual stimulation. When police analyze each of my mercy killings one or more of these three elements exist. Their job (as well as yours) is to determine which ones apply.

While sexual stimulation has never applied to my motivations, it has to some of my targets.
Because I’m rich, financial gain isn’t a concern for me; but it has been for some of my clients.
Revenge has been a reason, but only for my clients, who find themselves in hopeless situations.

The cops haven’t managed to figure it out. Am I a revenge killer? Do I have a killing fetish? Or am I simply angry at my clients’ abusers? Well, I’m not going to tell you the answer any more willingly than I’d tell the police. I will say, what I am doing may be wrong by societal standards, but so is the injustice of our judicial system. Therefore, I have decided to become the true lady of justice. Now there’s a title I like almost as much as Angel of Mercy….

So…psychoanalyze me! I’d love to hear your thoughts on what motivated me in each killing.

lady justice

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