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Wendy’s Blog, May 4, 2016


The sun slowly contemplates the end of the day in the California desert, casting pinkish red and purple hues against the backdrop of the high plateau rock formations. The foreground is parched and cracked from overexposure to the seemingly endless hours of unrelenting heat brought about by the intense scorching rays of the sun.  Hesitantly, the sun relinquishes its controlling grip, and cooler temperatures begin creeping in on quiet wings of air.  The desert still appears lifeless and barren. A covey of dove sits motionless, refusing to disturb the pace and subtle serenity of life on the desert floor.

Suddenly, tension fills the air. The doves remain motionless, alert, every muscle in their tiny bodies tense.  Their eyes widen, in an almost imperceptible adjustment, they position their feet beneath them in preparation for flight at the slightest provocation.  Scanning the terrain, I desperately search for the cause of their uneasiness. Nothing! Then it occurs to me the doves apprehension is precipitated by my presence.

Thoughts and emotions sweep over me like the wave of tension overtaking the solitude and serenity of the doves. I too, am filled with apprehension brought about by my reluctance to confront certain emotions.  Stifle the emotions so you don’t have to deal with them, I reason.

What emotions do you think I’m dealing with? I’d love to interact with you about my thoughts drop me a quick response.

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