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Wendy’s Blog, May 18, 2016

In my many years of professional life, I have had the honor and privilege of dealing with honest police officers, attorneys, judges, prosecutors, and victims. Conversely, I’ve also had the frustration of dealing with scoundrels from each of the previously mentioned groups.

While there is no such thing as the perfect crime, there are certain mistakes that virtually guarantee your conviction. The biggest mistake is not remaining silent about your actions or lack thereof.  The primary reason I have been able to perform so many benevolent tasks is because I’m the only person alive who can explain what transpired.

Besides keeping my activities completely to myself, I live by a simple code, exalted by Sun-Tzu; “Whenever possible “victory” should be achieved through diplomatic coercion, thwarting the enemy’s plans and alliances, and frustrating his strategy, while avoiding all engagements not based upon extensive, detailed analysis of the situation.”

You’ll notice in my interactions with those seeking to prove my guilt, I take control of their interview process immediately. I ask the questions, I clarify, and I redirect them to where I want the conversation to go. That, my friends, begins the thwarting of their plans, alliances, and strategy by diplomatic coercion.

I love my life!

Scales of Justice

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