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Wendy’s Blog, April 27, 2016

I remember sitting in the attorney’s conference room, as Mr. Stoddard read my brother’s will. One short sentence was all it took to change my psyche… ‘Wendy, Mark wanted me to read this short sentence to you. I don’t understand it, but Mark told me you would know what it means.” He said kindly, then read “Wendy, with this estate you’re about to receive from me, I want you to understand that you are now in control of your own life.”

I remember feeling Sean’s gaze on me, and almost wishing he didn’t know the truth ~ as if that would have made any of it easier. In one sniper shot, I became independently wealthy, and capable of helping others like me in ways my imagination had only used on Mark.

Did something snap that day? Or had the desire to right wrongs been there all along? That day, those words, solidified the intense feelings I had struggled so long to control, and gave me a place to direct my anger. Mark allowed me to do the one thing no one could do for me – until that sniper. In that shot, he took away the purpose of my life – and in doing so, redirected my hate toward all the other perpetrators out there. I was torn. I had so wanted to be the one to show Mark what he deserved! In not being allowed to do that, I had been handed everything I needed to help others – on a silver platter. No, I wouldn’t walk away from that

Tell me, did I make the right decision?
Avenging Angel

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