About Jerry Summers

Jerry Summers has extensive law enforcement experience in patrol functions, investigations, crime scene reconstruction, arson, and blood spatter expertise, stemming from blood, sweat and tears shed on the streets with bad guys and victims. Jerry worked in internal affairs, police management, and administration. He rose through the ranks from patrol to the police chief, where he served eight years. He loved serving the people, community, and department but hated the political corruption and politics. Forced into retirement due to holding people in positions of power accountable for their actions, a fact proven in court, Jerry began his writing career.

Jerry has many stories regarding his time on the streets and doing crime scene reconstruction and arson investigations. You can reach out to him directly by contacting him if you’d like to hear any…they aren’t something to be put in a public forum (not unlike parts of his books).

Jerry also has a background as a minister (of the non-judgmental variety) and extensive experience in banking and finance (as well as real estate sales and development, hazardous tree removal, food service, insurance sales, juvenile detention management, mold-removal from wicker baskets, management consulting, teaching, preaching, counseling…you get the picture).

Jerry Summers holds an undergraduate degree in pastoral ministry and a master’s degree in business administration in marketing from the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Now, in his retirement, Jerry uses his diverse and unusual background to create memorable dialog, straight forward sexual encounters and crime scenes (yes, they are twisted, but they are also very realistic-Jerry knows from experience) that capture the reader’s imagination.

His current “unmissable” series includes: Uncontrolled Spin, Unmerited Favor (coming soon) Unrestricted Behavior (expected in July, 2016) and Unexpected Circumstances (expected in November, 2016).